Targeting Big Florida Largemouth

The excitement of targeting Big Florida Largemouth

With all the rain and storms rolling through Central Florida the past month, it has really made targeting Big Florida Largemouth a lot easier. Look for moving water at spillways, drainage pipe, and culverts, canals and rivers that dump into the main body of water you are fishing. Sky’s the limit with your artificial bait selection, but I will share with you what I have been having my customers use to catch some of their personal best Florida Largemouth Bass.

I like moving baits that you can speed up or slow down to make the big ones bite. Square Bill Crank Bait (1.5 or 2.0), ½oz Lipless Crank Baits, Spinner Baits all in natural colors or colors that match the hatch for the lake you are fishing. If you are not sure what colors to use; try Shad and Bluegill colors, chrome/black, chrome/blue, chrome/green, All white and silver spinner baits or white with silver and gold Colorado Blades. If you like to drag a worm, then go big! I have been having really great fish just destroy the YUM 10” Monster Worm in Blue/Blue Flake. I hope you have a great day on the water and thanks for reading my posts! I hope to see you on a Bass2Bay Charter real soon! TY – Capt. Mike Morse

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